PCOM Student Council | 7.6.18 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Nicolette, Sean, Kwi, Jeff, Tierra, Mel, Mauricio

Next Meeting Date: Next Friday 7.13.18 at 4:30pm

Agenda/Discussion Notes

Current Nominees (* Present)

  • Tierra*
  • Mel*
  • Mauricio*
  • Holly
  • Hilary
  • Britlynn

We went around the room, each person explained:

  • Their Story – How they got to PCOM
  • Their Skills – What they have to offer the council
  • Goals of the Council – What we seek to accomplish as a Group (Wrote on the board)
    • Greater Awareness of Current Events
    • Increase Student to Admin Communication
    • Fill in Educational Gaps not provided by the curriculum
    • Unify the Field – Big Overarching Goal
    • Political Action/ Lobbying for our Industry
    • Looking at the Big Picture, Help others see it too
    • Big Sister/Big Brother Program
    • Increase The Amount of Tutors
    • Increase Social Events
    • Increase Lunch &Learns
    • Host Philanthropic Events
    • Add More Massage Education
    • Establish Clear Expectations for Roles & Responsibilities in Council
    • Bring in Keynote Speakers
    • Do community outreach
    • Establish Repeatable Processes – Make the Events Predictable, happening each semester, once we get the machine going we can reach for other goals
    • Increase Morale
    • Build Up the PCOMmunity
    • Create a Network of Support
    • Unite the Cohorts
    • Unite the Programs – Massage & Acupuncture
    • Bylaws were handed out to the new nominees
  • Last Meeting Minutes were provided to everyone
  • Proposed Edits to the Bylaws to introduce new Student Council Roles were presented to the nominees as well
  • We discussed opening the Council to be more inclusive so that the work can be shared and will be easier to manage for each individual in the group
  • We discussed having 3 event managers
  • There are no follow up actions for this meeting
  • We agreed to meet again the next Friday hopefully so everyone could participate who was not present at this instance. We will do the same format next time as well.