Hi San Diego PCOMmunity,

This is a friendly reminder to please submit your Student Council Nominations via the Virtual Suggestion Box on the new PCOM Student Council Website or via the Student Lounge physical Suggestion Box. The San Diego Student Council voted on Friday to extend the nomination period until July 15th, then elections will take place from the 16th until the last day of July. This will be the recurring yearly election structure going forward.

You will have seen some posters around school and notices on Facebook, but I encourage you to please take that extra initiative to let our aspiring leaders in ALL of our programs at PCOM know that we need them to step up to the plate! One of my wishes for this new council is that we may have representatives from the Massage Programs (Certificate, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science) as well as our other less represented degrees, such as HHP, Transitional Doctorate, DAOM, etc.

I’m spending this week educating some inquiring candidates about what to expect with running for student council. The good news is that we have so much more involvement than our last election period and I do believe that the more people we have involved in this initiative, the more we will be able to do, the more influence we will have to improve our school, and the responsibility of office will feel even more effortless and fun as a result. Please feel free to text message me (302-228-0253) so we can schedule a call to answer your questions. ?

Thanks to those of you who have already reached out to learn more about this great professional opportunity. I’m so excited!

Warm regards,

Nicolette Natrin
Chief of Operations/Marketing
PCOM Student Council – San Diego
Cell: 302-228-0253