Ivy Lee Anti-Racism Webinar Recording Request

**Student Council is using this form to gauge student interest in obtaining Ivy’s Anti-Racism for Acupuncturists workshop recording. Many valuable gems were shared, and it confirmed just how much work needs to be done in the TCM & wellness space.

Based on the results of this survey, Student Council will propose a lump sum donation to the nonprofit Beats Rhymes and Life (IG @hiphoptherapy) in exchange for the recording to be distributed to interested students. Ivy Lee has requested $11 per person for the recording for the workshop, with all proceeds going to the nonprofit Beats Rhymes and Life which focuses on mental health of youth of color.

For any Student Council comments or questions please use the anonymous Suggestion Box or Contact Form. To contact Ivy Lee, please email ivy@luminaewellness.com or go to her Instagram @luminaewellness. PLEASE NOTE: Student Council will share the email addresses provided in this form with Ivy Lee so that the web recording will be sent directly to each participating student in email.