Why RSVP for Council Events?

The Student Council kindly asks for event RSVPs to assist us in planning the event. If we do not receive enough RSVPs, an event may be cancelled or postponed until there is more interest.

Limited Seats for Event Type

Most non-massage events will have an upward limit of 35-40 unless otherwise indicated in the event description. Massage events are often capped at 20-24. This is due to the classroom capacity at PCOM with or without massage tables.

Please read the event details carefully in our Event descriptions. If it is indicated in the event details that seats are limited, this form simply holds your place in line and does not guarantee a seat.

A Note About Seat Confirmations

If you did not get a seat, we will notify you via email. In all other cases, please assume that your seat is confirmed. Council members are very busy and will only send confirmation emails if there are some important details to announce.

Clinic Recognition Ceremony RSVPs

At this time the only event that does not have an attendance “cap” is the Clinic Recognition Ceremony. If we go over the room capacity, we will simply hold the event outside. Please let us know if you will have family members attending so we can plan accordingly.

Additionally, the RSVP form allows you to phonetically type your name to help us with proceedings.


Thank you so much for your participation!  🙂