Updated 7.12.18 at 10am

Hi PCOMmunity!

Here are those individuals who are officially nominated for a PCOM Student Council position for the San Diego Campus. The nomination period ends on Sunday, July 15th at midnight. To make a nomination, please use our virtual suggestion box.

Name Nomination
Nicolette Natrin President
Sean Gardner President
Sam Witosky President
Britlynn Ward Vice President
Mauricio Perez Vice President
Peggy Chin Vice President
Sean Gardner Vice President
Britlynn Ward Chief of Marketing/Operations
Holly Dewitt Chief of Marketing/Operations
Tierra Wheatley Chief of Marketing/Operations
Hilary Rochau Chief of Social Events
Holly Dewitt Chief of Social Events
Jillian Imilkowski Chief of Social Events
Melanie McCann Chief of Social Events
Joshua Reed Massage Liaison
Hilary Rochau Chief Financial Officer
Mauricio Perez Chief Financial Officer
Jeff Odnert Academic Excellence Officer
Britlynn Ward Barista
Kwi Kim Barista
Tierra Wheatley DAOM Liaison


ATTENTION Nominees –

Please reply (submit into suggestion box or contact form or email Nicolette at nnatrin@pacificcollege.edu) as soon as you can with the following details:

  • What nomination do you accept? (some of you were nominated for several positions, but as far as I know we can only select one)
    • Please note that we may be adding and/or adjusting few new positions after the election period with the new council. This would include a separation of event responsibilities to 3 roles and adding additional digital marketing roles that are needed. So please consider the possibility of these roles as something that may come into being during the Fall 2018 semester due to the actions of the new council. If you like any of these potential roles, we may have to figure out in the Fall term how to welcome some new members with an ad-hoc election or nomination (have to consult bylaws)
      • Social Events Officer (voting position) – in charge of social events only
      • Academic Excellence Position may be converted to “Educational Events Officer” (non-voting may be changed to voting) – in charge of educational events only
      • End of Term Party Planner – This is like a full job in itself and takes a lot of attention
      • Website Development Chair – we are going to need someone to help manage the website
      • Social Media Manager – the marketing/operations position has too many responsibilities and social media is a full time job (as you guys know)
  • If you are running, please reply with answers the following questions. Please limit your response to no more than 100 words. The answers to the following questions will be posted around the school as part of the nomination period. You are welcome to post larger posts on social media – either PCOM peeps or PCOM Student Council pages (I recommend both).
    • Why are you the best candidate for this position?
    • Please name 2 goals (long or short term) that would be your top priority to accomplish if elected?
  • Can you attend the following meetings? (open to public)
    • Friday’s (13th) meeting at school at 4:30pm to meet with the other nominees
    • Thursday 19th (next week) 12pm-1pm to introduce yourselves to the students in the lounge (open discussion format)


Thank you for your responses,


Nicolette Natrin

Chief of Marketing/Operations

PCOM Student Council – San Diego