Meet the PCOM San Diego Student Council Members

Please feel free to come say hi around campus as we are truly here to serve you – the students!

Want to get involved? Elections are held yearly on the 9th-10th week of the Summer semester (usually July). Each role below is explained in detail in the Student Council Bylaws. For inquiries about the elections, please contact us for details. 🙂

Want to make a council member nomination? Simply submit their name and the position you would like into our Virtual Suggestion Box Form. 

Nicolette Natrin

Nicolette Natrin


A native Delawarean, I lived in NYC for 6 years while I got my BA in English Literature. I moved to San Diego for a marketing job and I realized my passion for energetic medicine. I continue to work as a marketing professional full-time while I study.

This past year as the “Chief of Marketing/Operations” combined with my extensive work experience as a marketing operations manager has made me confident to take on this role as president. I am looking forward to empowering the next team of student leaders to create an operational foundation for the council to execute with professionalism and authority.

My short and long-term goals are the same – I wish to help the new council to achieve the goals we set forth in our nominees’ meetings in July 2018. More than anything I am committed to establish repeatable processes and expand the council roles to help us all work smarter instead of harder.

Sean Gardner

Sean Gardner

Vice President

  • Massage program graduate in 2001
  • Been in SD for 3 years
  • Works in the herbs field
  • Fascinated by the classics
Holly Dewitt

Holly Dewitt

Chief of Marketing/Operations

Born and raised in Kansas City, I am an AOM student and professional dancer. I turned to acupuncture when I faced a terrible injury after working with a big-name choreographer in NYC. Nothing encouraged my body to heal itself except acupuncture. In that experience, I had found my new journey! I was a part of Student Association in high school and college and I intend to bring that experience to the PCOM council. I enjoy being in the sunshine, practicing yoga, coffee, getting lost in the beauty of sunsets, working out, and catching up with family and friends back home. I take pleasure in teaching and watching others express their passion and thrive for life. “Fearlessness is not the absence of fear. It is getting up one more time than we fall down.”

  • Why are you the best candidate for this position?
    • I excel in organization and have a strong self-starter mentality; capable of producing results. I enjoy supporting others and have a detail-oriented mindset needed for the role of Chief Marketing/Operations.
  • Please name 2 goals (long or short term) that would be your top priority to accomplish if elected?
    • To be a strong yet kind voice among the student body at PCOM. To share information, events, and ideas when necessary, but also listen and be active in making positive changes for the good of our community.
    • To be relied upon with my organization, reliability, and enthusiasm within student association.
Jillian Imilkowski

Jillian Imilkowski

Chief Social Events Officer

Why are you the best candidate for this position?

I have a passion for bringing people together and strongly believe that many hands make for light loads.  The more we can work together, play together and learn from each other, the stronger our community will be.  I have over two decades of event planning experience (large and small scale) and love making lists.  Behind every outstanding event planner is a list.

Please name 2 goals (long or short term) that would be your top priority to accomplish if elected?

More school organized events that include the massage department and Tai Ji/Qi Gong.

  • Not only are massage therapists an important population in our school, I also think that these two modalities are key in making good acupuncturists great.

Begin work on a “mentor” program

  • Helps to integrate new students and provide networking.
  • Allows seasoned students an opportunity to strengthen their skills and share knowledge.
  • Increase cross-cohort mingling in both social and educational settings.
  • By socializing with people in other cohorts, students can learn more and create stronger community.
Mauricio Perez

Mauricio Perez

Chief Financial Officer

Mauricio grew up in the city of San Diego. He participated in team sports in high school and completed undergraduate education at UCSB with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and minored in Exercise Health Science. During his tenure at UCSB he was involved as a staff member of a school social club organizing, planning, and executing events & trips for students. As well, he worked as an ocean lifeguard for the City of San Diego during summers.

These amazing experiences further instilled in him his mother’s lessons of humility, respect, and service for others while learning the important aspects of team dynamics to achieve a set goal. It is his
hope to bring this same passion to better servicing the student body. His prior experience in this capacity and ability to adapt, facilitate, and execute tasks make him an ideal fit for the position.

He is excited about, the possibility of adding scholarships/grants, community outreach, industry-leading speakers & continual workshop opportunities for students.

Jeff Odnert

Jeff Odnert

Academic Excellence Officer

  • Second-year Acupuncture and Massage student
  • Finishes Massage Program in Fall 2018
  • Works in clinic herb room and Sprouts vitamin department
  • Interested in fitness and TCM diet therapy
Empty Seat

Empty Seat

Undergraduate Massage Liason

Please nominate someone to fulfill this very important position!

Rebecca Ur

Rebecca Ur

Social Media Manager

Tierra Wheatley

Tierra Wheatley

Council Events Coordinator

I have an eclectic background in team and consensus-building, professional communication, and social philosophy. I have experience in creating valuable and replicable institutional procedures that not only make sense, but harmonize all involved!

Personal goals for myself during service:

I aim to support the council in creating and implementing quality standards of practice that can become a framework for future student councils.

As well as:
Encourage the council to generate new ideas that will enhance student well-being and the unity of our community!

Kwi Kim

Kwi Kim


  • Student of Eastern medicine/bodywork
  • Open to new ideas
  • Loves outdoor activities
  • Meditation lover
Max Wilcox, DAOM, MS, LAC

Max Wilcox, DAOM, MS, LAC

Student Council Advisor

Dr. Max began his studies in 1999 by becoming a certified Oriental Sports Trainer. This led to a deeper interest in Eastern Medicine and he went on to earn both a Master’s and Doctorate degree from Pacific College in San Diego. While attending PCOM he enjoyed working in the integrative settings of both Rady Children’s Hospital and UCSD’s Baker site clinic.

Prior to joining the faculty at PCOM, Max served as the director of acupuncture services for a San Diego based chronic pain clinic where he developed an integrative acupuncture program for functional restoration in the Worker’s Compensation system.